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Thursday, September 30, 2021
11am - 12pm
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Racial equality in the workplace – let’s keep talking

Join us on 30th September for our panel discussion where we will be joined by Sean Wharton and Sunil Patel from No Boundaries Training, as well speakers from Darwin Gray and Acorn to discuss the key issues around how to create an inclusive workspace.

We’ll be tackling questions such as why many of our workforces are still underrepresented and how we can address those issues.

As this will be a panel discussion, we’ll be taking questions both in the lead up and on the day.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for what will be a frank and open discussion about how to create meaningful change.

Sean Wharton, No Boundaries

Sean is a former footballer and was the first Black schoolboy to play for Wales at the age of 14 and also the first Black player to be signed as an apprentice at Sunderland AFC. He is also a qualified social worker having worked within different disciplines throughout social care particularly children’s services since 1991 as well as being a therapeutic foster carer caring for complex and vulnerable children who have experienced early years trauma.

As a freelancer, Sean has delivered anti-racism education across the UK to a variety of groups including school and college students, teachers and university staff, probation staff and solicitors, most recently, Sean facilitated race awareness sessions to 5,000 police staff.

He has experienced many obstacles throughout his career including being a victim of racism on a football pitch to dealing with racism in and outside of the workplace, Sean is a passionate advocate for social change and co-founded No Boundaries Training & Consultancy to help educate others by sharing his knowledge and experiences leading to a more inclusive society.

Sunil Patel, No Boundaries

Sunil is the son of refugee parents who came to the UK following the expulsion of Asians from Uganda in 1972 and grew up in London before moving and settling in Wales in 1981.

During his career, Sunil spent 13 years working in the civil service within the Home Office and the Department of Work and Pensions.  He also spent 16 years in the third sector and one of his proudest achievements has been establishing the Show Racism the Red Card (Wales) charity in 2006 that has become the leading anti-racism education charity in Wales.  

Through his leadership, the charity produced two ground-breaking reports on racism in the education system and subsequently, the reports were referenced in an enquiry by Welsh Government leading to the historic moment that will see changes in the school curriculum in Wales and pupils being educated about Black History from 2022.

He first experienced racism in 1982 at the age of nine and has since dealt with it on numerous occasions.  From waking up to racist graffiti sprayed on the walls of the family home to being verbally abused and chased round the streets by the far-right, racism has been a significant factor throughout his life.  Through No Boundaries, Sunil is aiming to help improve racial inequality and work towards a level playing field for everyone in society.

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