Join us
Date and time
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
9am - 12pm
£30.00 + VAT

Mock Virtual disciplinary hearing

A first for the Wales HR Network! We will be offering the chance to witness a mock virtual disciplinary hearing, delivered by Darwin Gray.

As part of the “new normal” brought about by the pandemic, virtual meetings have increased hugely. The same goes for virtual hearings. Therefore, we are excited to deliver this mock virtual disciplinary hearing!

Join us for an interactive morning running through a case involving an allegation of misconduct at work, giving you the chance to watch a challenging disciplinary hearing unfold.

As well as holding the hearing itself, Darwin Gray will be providing you with guidance on navigating the disciplinary procedure from the point an allegation is made against an employee right through to the end of the process. They will be sharing key tips on what you need to remember during the process, including:

- When suspension can be used and the consequences of misusing it;

- The common traps employers fall into which can come back to bite you in an unfair dismissal claim;

- The relevance of the ACAS Code of Practice and what you need to do to comply with it;

- How to deal with a difficult employee who wants to obstruct the procedure, either during the hearing or in the lead up to it (including when an employee raises a grievance);

- The role of the union rep or other companion; and

- Dealing with an appeal.

You will also get the chance to witness the disciplinary process from the employee’s perspective, to help you to understand what you can do to secure their trust and co-operation in the procedure and minimise the risk of future Employment Tribunal claims.

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