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Thursday, November 5, 2020
2.30pm - 3.30pm

Conflict Management for the Virtual World

Employee conflicts can spread like wildfire. We have all experienced the damage to productivity, crushed creativity, and squashed morale when relationships in the workplace go sour. Unresolved employee conflict is hard enough to manage in a traditional, physical workplace, however they are all the more dangerous in a virtual environment, where people don’t have the luxury of proximity to work their differences out face-to-face. With a second wave nearly upon us, disengaged employees as a result of poorly managed virtual conflict may be out of sight but they certainly shouldn't be out of mind, at a time that could make or break an organisation. With workers social distancing, dispersed or working from home we are at risk of corporate isolation when conflict occurs which can be magnified by a wider environment of tension, uncertainty and fear. It is time for leaders and managers to up skill in Relationship Intelligence so they can prevent conflicts from getting personal and drive collaboration and engagement in remote teams.


This practical webinar will cover:

·  The organisational challenges presented by the pandemic when leading virtual & dispersed teams

·  Optimising human relationships and pulling employees into the future using neuroscience

·  Moving from a place of 'virtual conflict' to 'virtual collaboration' 

·  How to reverse virtual conflict when it occurs & boost remote team engagement

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