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Date and time
Tuesday, July 6, 2021
12pm until 1pm
Zoom webinar

Coaching - Is your organisation ahead of the pack, on track or at the back? With Pat Passaro and Karen Smart.

An interactive session exploring the positive potential for coaching within your organisation.

Brought to you by Pat Passaro, AoEC Coach Consultant and Karen Smart, Head of Coach Consultancy at the AoEC

Join us for this informative session exploring definitions of coaching and how it might be similar and different to other approaches.

Pat and Karen will share useful insights about how HR professionals might draw on a coaching approach for positive results in terms of engagement and business outcomes. There will be plenty of practical hints and tips to help you get started or build on what you have already achieved as well as a live demonstration of coaching techniques.

Pat Passaro
AoEC Coach Consultant

During her HR career, Pat held senior positions in diverse sectors and organisations such the police and the RAC. It was during her HRD role with a prestigious law firm that Pat started to explore what coaching has to offer in creating the kind of culture that we all want to work in. This led to Pat training with the AoEC. Pat was able to use her AoEC executive coach training, to find effective strategies to build a coaching style of leadership from the ground up. She did this starting out with just herself as a resource. Pat brings this experience to life in the session. She will share her recommendations on how to get started/go beyond where you are and how to influence senior leaders to support and resource a coaching style of leadership. Since leaving corporate life, Pat runs her own successful executive coaching practice and HR consultancy. She manages her practice alongside her work as a Coach Consultant at the AoEC where she loves to bring her experience and enthusiasm to coach consultancy with a range of organisations, to help them learn and grow. Pat lives and works in Wales and is a member of the Wales HR Network.


Karen Smart
Head of Coach Consultancy at the AoEC

Karen’s corporate career was spent in a variety of commercial roles within the pharmaceutical industry, in global and affiliate roles in the UK and in Mexico. After leaving this field, she set up her own marketing consultancy to support HR directors in reviewing marketing capabilities and providing industry expertise in assessment centres. In this work, she found that something was missing in the way she provided feedback – a gap that was effectively filled by training with the AoEC as an executive coach. Since then, Karen has established the AoEC’s successful coach consultancy service. Karen has developed a leading team of Coach Consultants who have gone on to serve clients in financial services, law, entertainment, healthcare, theatre, private medicine, not-for profit, and the NHS to name just a few. She has also served as a faculty member on the AoEC’s flagship programme, Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching. Karen grew up in Somerset where she frequently waved at Wales while walking on the Quantock hills. She now lives and works in Kent.

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