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Wednesday, March 10, 2021
2.30pm - 3.30pm

Change Made Easier with NLP

Human Resources Professionals are often at the forefront of change in the workplace. Whether it’s organisational change or a change that effects just one person. People respond to change differently - some thrive on it and others would rather run a mile from it!

The ability to communicate effectively & understand people at a deeper level is key to success. Learning how to adapt & tailor your communication has a huge impact of whether people are onboard or suffer the consequences of stress &overwhelm or even rebellion against the change. This introductory session to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) for People Managers will not only give you a flavour of what NLP is, it’ll provide you with practical takeaways that you’ll be able to use straight away in your People/HR role/business. By the end of the session you will;

Understand what NLP is and how the mind processes change: how our unconscious mind (which controls our behaviour, thoughts and emotions) reacts to change. Learn 2 key factors that determine how well our neurology adapts to change and the benefits of operating with these in mind.

Learn about the role of people’s preferences during change – successful communication is often tailored communication. We’ll explore 4 Meta Programmes (preference filters) and learn some small changes to our communication that can have a huge impact on successfully helping others buy into change.

Learn 4 words to use with caution during change –language is a really powerful tool and tweaking a few words can have a huge impact on how people feel about the change.

Learn 1 question you help someone better manage overwhelm – sometimes a well placed question is all that’s needed to help someone move beyond overwhelm.

Understand preference in language: we all communicate in our preference, but the most effective communicators are flexible communicators. Understand your preference and how to adapt your communication to appeal to more people.

Speaker Bio – Laura Evans

After 15 years in HR and Training roles in corporate life Laura decided to follow her passion of how the mind works, empowering people & helping them unleash their potential. She started studying NLP in 2008 is a Master NLP Coach and Trainer of NLP –running NLP & NLP Coaching courses from her training base in Cardiff. A chartered member of the CIPD, Laura has initiated, managed and delivered many many people related change projects over the years and brings real life examples to her talks.

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