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The evolution of the HR Director

Mera Mann, Director, Human Resourcing Ltd
March 6, 2020

Gone are the days where HR professionals primarily acted as a payroll function and focused on compliance and employee benefits. Today, the role of HR Leaders is more important to businesses than ever before.

HR Directors have become strategic advisors to CEO’s supporting in business strategy, talent management, training and development and many wider employment issues.

It seems that in recent times, businesses have become more susceptible to external factors which have forced them to evolve quickly in order to adapt and stay ahead. Technology has sped this process up but other factors such as, major uncertainty around Brexit, the changing needs of the modern work force along with public scrutiny over fair pay have also contributed.

The best HR Directors have been continuously adapting and broadening their skills. They’ve stepped up and shared their knowledge and expertise to senior leaders and supported them in keeping their organisations ahead of the curve.

2020 will no doubt bring new challenges to HR leaders.

Now more than ever, there is increased demand for equal pay,diversity at the highest levels and a spotlight on chief executive pay levels. In many organisations across a range of sectors there are skills gaps that need to be addressed and while most businesses are focused on digital transformation,almost half of HR Leaders think their organisation lacks a clear and consistent strategy.

What is for certain is that HR Directors are innovators,they are resilient, and they are crucial to the successful running of so many operations here in Wales.

This month we’ll be recognising the best of HR in Wales at the Wales HR Awards 2020. Having sponsored an award for the past 3 years, we are delighted to be sponsoring the category for Best HR Director this year.

We’d like to wish all the nominees up for HR Director of the Year the very best of luck and congratulate them for the incredible work they do for their organisations and in raising the bar across the wider industry.

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