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Is it the end for annual appraisals?

Date: Thursday 25th May

With increasing blogs and webinars questioning the use of annual appraisals, we ask is this just ‘noise’ or do we really need to consider scrapping this traditional method? 

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What is employee engagement anyway?

Date: Wednesday 21st June

With Employee Engagement being such a hot topic within every HR Team, Toby Townrow, Managing Director of 10Eighty Cymru’s discusses what employee engagement really means... 

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HR – the future is now…

Date: Thursday 21st September

What modern workplace practices can work in your organisation?

Jim Taylour, Head of Design and Wellbeing, Orangebox – Wireless Well Working.

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2017 Events

The Wales HR Network is continuously scheduling interactive seminars on topical issues. Follow us on Twitter @WalesHRNetwork or join our mailing list for updates on confirmed event dates.

Future seminar topics:

  • Social Media in the work place – Hindrance or Help for HR?
  • Are your employees true advocates of your company?
  • Investors in People – Making People Management Excellence Count.
  • Employment Tribunals - Preparing an Effective Defence

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