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What is employee engagement anyway?

Date: Wednesday 21st June

With Employee Engagement being such a hot topic within every HR Team, Toby Townrow, Managing Director of 10Eighty Cymru’s discusses what employee engagement really means... 

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HR – the future is now…

Date: Thursday 21st September

What modern workplace practices can work in your organisation?

Jim Taylour, Head of Design and Wellbeing, Orangebox – Wireless Well Working.

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2017 Events

The Wales HR Network is continuously scheduling interactive seminars on topical issues. Follow us on Twitter @WalesHRNetwork or join our mailing list for updates on confirmed event dates.

Future seminar topics:

  • Social Media in the work place – Hindrance or Help for HR?
  • Are your employees true advocates of your company?
  • Investors in People – Making People Management Excellence Count.
  • Employment Tribunals - Preparing an Effective Defence

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