Mid-life; supporting your workforce



Katie Day, Director RDP International
Dr Roger Prentis, Director RDP International

This talk will give an overview of the benefits to organisations and individuals from supporting people at midlife, and will cover:

  • The business case for supporting people during the menopause
  • The ‘stats’ that support the above
  • The potential impact in the workplace when experiencing the midlife transition
  • Opening and normalising the conversation around midlife
  • Working in partnership with employees to establish win / win solutions
  • A brief overview of midlife from both the female and male perspective
  • How midlife offers us an opportunity to evaluate our lives:
    • our core values;
    • our interactions with others (business and personal);
    • our strengths; and
    • what we “give”.
  • How an understanding of our communications, management or leadership styles impact on:
    • establishing rapport;
    • getting effective “buy-ins”; and
    • being sure our key messages are correctly understood

Cost - £12.50 + VAT

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Date - Thursday, 17th October | 8:30am – 10:30am

Old Library, Cardiff

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