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Gethin Nadin, Director, Employee Wellbeing, Benefex

Financial Wellbeing: a priority for employers
For many employees, worrying about money has become part of their everyday life. Frequently rated as the number one cause of stress in the UK, the pressure employees face because of their financial situation is having an adverse effect on their mental health and subsequently, their ability to perform well at work. As many employers now realise the part they have to play in the wellbeing of their staff, workplace financial wellbeing initiatives are becoming commonplace.

Bestselling author and employee experience expert Gethin Nadin will draw on his experience of helping some of the UK’s biggest employers with their financial wellbeing strategies. As well as discussing Benefex’s latest financial wellbeing research collaboration with Kings College London, Gethin will also share insight gained from working alongside organisations like Barclays, Money Saving Expert, the Money Advice Service.”

Ryan Cullen, People Success Lead, DevOps Group

Curating Employee Experience through the Employee life-cycle
An inside look at how at DevOpsGroup we have a co-ordinated employee experience which is carefully curated from the moment they first speak to our specialist recruiters, to pre-boarding and on-boarding, to then joining their team and the general population. The talk will showcase how you can add value at each stage and how we measure it’s impact.

Cost: £12.50 + VAT

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Date - 9th May 2019 | 8am – 10am

Location: DevOps Group, Floor 22 Capital Tower, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff CF10 3AG

Breakfast included

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