HR – the future is now…


What modern workplace practices can work in your organisation?

Jim Taylour, Head of Design and Wellbeing, Orangebox – Wireless Well Working

Orangebox’s Mobile Generations’s articulates the new concerns and dynamics of mobile working and the technological / generational changes sweeping through the workplace.

Wellbeing has rapidly moved centre stage within the corporate workplace. Jim Taylor will present new insight to help us define Wellbeing and how we can use it as a powerful new design and change tool. 

Dr Sophie Buchaillard, Founder of Creative Confidence Consulting – The Results Only Working Environments ROWE model

The ROWE model explores the business benefits of paying employees based on results rather than hours worked. Sounds radical however Dr Sophie Buchaillard will demonstrate how this could provide an effective and flexible model to achieve the best for your employees and business. 

Date - Thursday 21st September
8am to 10am, Orangebox, Nantgarw

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